NEW 2007
3DL 600S Mainsail, 14700 DPI Kevlar, with 7 full  
battens, taffeta film on both sides, square head
planform, 3 reefs, Sailman 4000 sliders. 433 Sq.
Jib 110%

NEW 2007
3DL 600S Medium Jib, 16800 DPI Kevlar, with  
taffeta film on both sides, Harken furling system.
240 Sq. Ft.
Jib 60%

NEW 2006
NorDac sail cloth, Heavy Jib, Crosscut Panel Layout
works with Harken furling system above.
3DL 600S Screacher, 10850 DPI Kevlar, with  
taffeta on both sides, High modulus luff rope for
Harken furling. 475 Sq.
Asymmetric Code 3A, Arix 900/700
1040 Sq. Ft.
3DL Sails manafactured in Minden, NV
Batten System:
Bahama Hunter uses Bainbridge International's - Sailman 4000 full
batten system.  Marstrom has designed the mast to work with this
system which reduces weight by eliminating the external track from the
mast, They also designed special carbon slides for the mast which attach
to the Sailman 4000 cars.

Marstrom has also designed a special
Headboard Carriage in corporation
with North Sails to work with the Sailman 4000 system.

The Sailman system was originally developed for the BT Global Challenge.
Following 18 months of development SAILMAN was the only full batten
system to be specified for use in the 1996 BT Global Challenge. It
proved so successful on each of the 14 boats during their 30,000 mile
circumnavigation that it was chosen again for the 2000-2001 event.
North Sails Gulf Coast